The world wide web...

The link below is a pretty cool visual representation of Web 2.0 in less than 5 minutes.

The Machine is Us/ing Us


One and a half tons...

The other day our moving cubes arrived. It was a bit like playing tetris getting everything we own into two of these cubes. In the end, everything fit, and we feel good about what we are bringing west with us.

After looking at this picture, my fun fact is this: The weight limit for each cube is 1500 lbs. That means the total capacity for two cubes is 3000 lbs or 1.5 tons (even packed tight we are nowhere near the weight limit). In the foreground of the photo is a 2175 sticker from the Appalachian Trail. When I hiked the trail last year my pack weight was down to 8.5 lbs. Weird contrast.

Anywho, we fly out Sunday morning. The puppies go tomorrow. Speaking of which, here is a current picture of Benton. 11 months and 70 lbs. He and Roxy have been thoroughly freaked out by all of the action at the house the past couple of days...including the absence of furniture!


The left coast...

325 days of sunshine a year. Reason enough to move to Santa Monica, California.

Next week Nicole, Roxy, Benton, and I will wake up in a different time zone on the other side of the country. Long story short, Nicole was accepted into an amazing graduate program. More details as they unravel.



I loved playing with paperdolls when I was little, and I think these are the coolest ones yet! I'm dying to see what their other "outfits" are....the description says that it comes with "casual and formal outfits." There wives are included! Maybe I'm crazy but I think I'd rather dress up Senator Obama, his wife, and cute little girls. He seems a lot more fun.