Go dog go...

Los Angeles from the Santa Monica Mountains as the sun sets behind me...

Okay, it's no secret that I am hopelessly hooked on trail running. The long runs satisfy the endurance bug that woke up within me during the course of the Appalachian Trail thru-hike. Proof is in my exciting story about...socks. Yes socks. I won a pair of Drymax trail running socks from the author of Fixing Your Feet, John Vonhof. I've put about 30 miles on the socks and really enjoy them. There is almost too much cushion for my liking, but they seem to be a great addition to my gear arsenel.

I thought I would share this picture from one of my training trails. The path spilts left and right, you make the choice. The "too steep" is indeed quite steep (speaking from adrenaline boosting personal experience).

My mom spent a great week here and left a couple days ago. we ate some great food and hung out with fun people. Now she is back where the current weather is 9F. Wow. I remember that, but don't miss it.

Well 2009 is creeping in soon. It's been another great year. Lots of changes and lots to be thankful for. Anyone out there make resolutions? Do share. I plan to stay the course. Love my wife, family, and friends. Live a healthy lifestyle, and well that probably covers it.


Salty Dog

Dave's Mom was in town visiting for the Holidays and we went down to the beach with my Uncle Scott, our friend Arturo and all the dogs (Benton, Roxy and Zoe) to watch the sun set the other night. It was so pretty and quiet down there. My Uncle Scott brought the best potato soup to eat as we slowly watched the sun dip into the ocean. I hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday season full of love and peace.


What Milt Did...

Many of my weekend trail runs take place on the Backbone Trail. Thank you Milt McAuley.


Track closed 12/9/08-1/9/09

Booooo. I say boo. The 400 meter track up the street is closed until next month. There is some sort of construction going on and everything is fenced off. The problem is that it gets dark out so early that my options for running are somewhat limited after work. A great solution I found was the pleasant monotany of running laps at the track. It's easy to keep tabs of how far you have gone, and there are no cars to worry about. For the time being I'll be restricted to running the neighborhood streets. Not so bad...but even more so I'd rather be on the trails.

Oh, the worst part about running at that time of the evening? Being so hungry. I run by all these houses where everyone is preparing dinner. It smells SO good. Maybe one day I'll pick a house at random and just invite myself in for a bite to eat. I'm sure that will go over well.

Attention lovers of the backpacking and all things outdoors. Ray Jardine has published a new book. It is a very updated version of his classic "Beyond Backpacking", I can't wait to get my hands on this book. Beyond Backpacking was very influential and helpful in my preparation for the Appalachian Trail last year. I'll let you know how "Trail Life" stacks up. I have high hopes.

Oh, one last boo! shout goes to Time Warner cable for their inconsistant to non-existant service over the past couple of days at home AND at work.

That is all.


The Six Strings...

Seis Cuerdas. Awesome musicians. Check out their site and listen to some of their music. These brothers are regular performers on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Nicole and I like to go down and check them out a few times a month. So good.

And then there is this photo. I promise there is an explanation.

The other night we finally checked out a little Greek restaurant around the corner we have been meaning to get to. Apparently the cast of Full House gives it lots of big and little thumbs up, because this was hanging on the wall. Well, fortunately we enjoyed it as well and will be back to enjoy the fresh and delicious food...soon. I've been looking for a good and cheap Greek restaurant since moving from Buffalo and leaving behind "Falafel Bar". Man, that place was awesome. Anywho, I am happy to find a more than ample replacement.

Happy eating.