Long time no post. Nicole is finished with her thesis project and this Saturday she will officially graduate with her Masters degree from the Art Center College of Design - Media Design Program.

A round of applause for my talented wife please...

More pictures of the exhibition to follow. Ah yes, and Happy Earth Day (yesterday) to you.


Sycamore Canyon 50k - race report

Recovery from the Old Goat race last weekend has gone really well. Long story short - last night I decided to run the Sycamore Canyon 50k.

Sycamore Canyon was my first ultramarathon one year ago and so holds fond memories. Before the race I ran into a few friends and met some new ones.

From left to right, Stuart, Andrea, me, Billy, Josh, Emil, Kristin, Colin, and Andee

I suppose the purpose of my running this race (besides great company and mountain/ocean views) was to test how well I really had recovered and to run a race with no pressure or expectations.

photo by Stuart

I started intentionally slow since this was the first run after OG and I needed to feel out my legs and see what they had to offer. Over the miles I gained confidence that they weren't going to fall apart on me and I was able to move at a relaxed but intentional pace. Nutrition and hydration stayed pretty solid until the approach of the last aid station. My stomach was a little upset at that point but nothing serious. Unfortunately it's a big climb out of the canyon after the aid station so that section was a bit difficult.

In the end I finished strong and felt good about my effort and the way my body held up. A pleasant bonus was that I PR'd by about 27 minutes. Also, I felt the freshest I ever have after a race. Here's to another speedy recovery!

Hi Stuart!

Interesting side note. I brought my iPod, but never turned it on. I have found a nice rhythm and connection with my breathing helps keep mental focus and a good gauge on effort/pace. I'll probably still use it on long training runs. It's nice to listen to audiobooks and podcasts to pass the time.

I'm building a collection of these coasters

I didn't take any pictures during the race, so enjoy this confusing bonus photo. It depicts a boxer focused off camera and me...battling a land shark.

maybe I can pick him up by his ears?


We are April Fools...

Nicole and I have been married three years today. Yup. Life is good.