I doubt that is a real site. The point is accurate however. Apparently
intermittant outages are being experienced in the area - for over 3
days now. And so I leave you with another mobile post.


New kicks...

Vroom! A quick mobile post to let you know the Grandpas Story is on
its way. Hang tight and be healthy.


Call It.

Paper bags heads, post it notes, tails. Heads it is. Paper bags took the overtime coin toss victory despite a late surge on the side of the post it notes. I'll put post it notes in the next vote to give it another chance. It's only fair. Thanks again to all who voted.

Okay, there will be an upcoming story having to do with paper bags...

Until then, enjoy this audio clip and creative typography from the movie "No Country for Old Men".


Happy Birthday Mr. President...

In 2007 I completed the "Maryland Marathon" or "Maryland Challenge". It involves hiking the 41 miles of Maryland's section of the Appalachian Trail in a day. I decided to start at 1 am on no sleep. Good thing I have this photo for proof that I really met George Washington, or I would have thought it was a sleep deprivation hallucination. George was a swell guy and shared some cold soda and snacks with me.

And now for some additional photo fun. It's been raining a lot the past few days. I caught this rainbow on the way home from work last week. The sky was pretty excellent the whole drive home.

Nicole and I saw this bumper sticker on a car outside of Will Rogers State Park. We were up there Sunday for a nice trail run. The sticker had something to do with the corruption of the music industry due to the internet.

Souplantation. We went over the weekend. Thank you again Figgy and Stitch for opening our eyes to this place. Yummy restaurant with great soups and a huge salad bar. Oh, and it is all you can eat (AYCE for you trail folk). Damage was done, I promise you that.

Lastly, there are only a few hours left for voting in Grandpa's Stories poll. By the time you are reading this, chances are a winner has been chosen. Thank you to all those who voted. As for the rest of you, you'll have another chance - but do it! The more the merrier.

And now I'm gone.


Tie game.

Thank you to all of you who have voted on the Grandpas Stories poll. There is still a day left if you have not voted, so check it out on the top right of this page. I have to figure out what to do in the event of a tie. Maybe a coin toss? I guess I could do that and the"runner up" can be put in the mix for the next poll. Suggestions or comments anyone?

Thanks again.




I set up a ridiculous poll on the right hand side of this page. Take literally two seconds and click on one of the four choices. I'll write a story about whatever the winner is at the end of the week. For those of you who are "in the know" this will be written as a long stalled continuation of Grandpas Stories. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about...hang on...it's about to get...confusing. It's fun for me. Maybe for you too. Why are you still reading this? Did you vote yet? Thanks.

A tale of two Matts...

I saw the original video that came out a few years back, but recently stumbled across the 2008 update. It also finally made me curious enough to go to the site and see what the heck the story behind this was. Click here to check out the official site and get the lowdown on the story and check out the 2008 video below.

Saturday night we checked out an art show that one of Nicole's classmates had a few pieces in. His were easily among the best. Good job CB (on the tasty check too!).

It rained last night. A lot. Probably the most in one span since we moved here. Funny thing is, back east it would have been no big deal. We wouldn't have thought twice about it. It's "cold" out now, but no rain. Tonight it was a huge pasta dinner and spinach salad for me as Nicole blasts through a 12 hour school day. Just me, the puppies, and some Matthew Good (no relation to crazy dancing Matt) filling the airspace.

And now back to Google Reader. If you don't know what that is and you read a lot of blogs, check it out.



Beyond the Epic Run

From the website.

"About nine years ago, a Swiss couple named Serge and Nicole Roetheli had a novel idea. What if they sold all their possessions, quit their jobs, said goodbye to their friends and families, including Serge’s two kids, and ran across the world?

Apparently finding no compelling reason to stay home, they went ahead with it, although technically it was Serge who did the running - more than 25,000 miles - and Nicole who followed on a Yamaha motorcycle towing a small trailer packed with what few possessions they had left, and a video camera. The trip, which started in February 2000, took five years to complete. They covered 25,400 miles, with Serge running the equivalent of one marathon four days a week. They traveled in Morocco, the Sahara Desert, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, South America, the United States, and Canada."

Nice. There is a screening coming up in Los Angeles. No date has been set for it yet, but I hope to check it out with Nicole.


Bentroid 2.0

Nicole sent me a link to this site a while back. It can do cool things. It's free and available for Mac and PC. Oh, cool things like the picture below.

Yeah simple I know, but it can be fun, it's simple to use...oh and don't forget the free part.

Other than that not much news. We started doing our taxes. For the second year in a row we are filing jointly and in two states. It looks like a hefty Federal return this year. That would be just fine by us!

I'm starving for my weekend long run. I'm eagerly awaiting longer days of sunlight so that I can get some mid week miles in the mountains after work. Those Drymax socks I won a while back are working nicely with the Roclite 295's. I wear the Patagonia lightweight wool socks with the Roclite 315's. And so on with the exciting sock/shoe combination talk.

Enough. It's dinner time.