Bentroid 2.0

Nicole sent me a link to this site a while back. It can do cool things. It's free and available for Mac and PC. Oh, cool things like the picture below.

Yeah simple I know, but it can be fun, it's simple to use...oh and don't forget the free part.

Other than that not much news. We started doing our taxes. For the second year in a row we are filing jointly and in two states. It looks like a hefty Federal return this year. That would be just fine by us!

I'm starving for my weekend long run. I'm eagerly awaiting longer days of sunlight so that I can get some mid week miles in the mountains after work. Those Drymax socks I won a while back are working nicely with the Roclite 295's. I wear the Patagonia lightweight wool socks with the Roclite 315's. And so on with the exciting sock/shoe combination talk.

Enough. It's dinner time.

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