Whatever Works...

Nicole and I got takeout Thai food from the place down the street tonight and watched Woody Allen's "Whatever Works". It was entertaining and humorous. Of course, if you don't like Woody Allen's work or Larry David's acting this will not win you over...but it worked for us.

I got up with the sun today to hit the trails for a wonderful looooong run. My legs are pleasantly tired now, but ready for one more big week of running before the taper. Yes...the well deserved taper.

After yesterday's rain the sky was clear and the views of the big snow covered mountains were amazing. Lastly, I signed up to volunteer at next weekends Malibu Creek 10/25/50k. It was kind of late, so I'm not sure if they'll need me or not.

Goodbye, enjoy the beginning of March.


Hamster Wheel...

I've been utilizing the treadmill in training the past couple of months. It's convenience has helped me to up my miles. A majority of runs and miles still take place on the trails...also I have been sneaking in a few extra miles and stair climbing repeats in the morning before work. Only time will tell if the preparation is enough to survive my first big boy ultramarathon...

Also, my last post was not meant to be "anti-runner". I'm just not comfortable with defining myself as a runner!

So then tell me, what are your goals for 2010?


On that note...

Related to the last post about endurance...earlier today Matt Hart released his 2009 ultrarunning video. It's just over 4 minutes long, and if you need your fix you can view it below.

A sweet 19 miles in the Santa Monica Mountains today. 265 on the year. Man the weather here rocks.



Just because I run doesn't make me a runner.

I went to the track today to do repeats on bleacher steps. I figure it's a good quick workout on what would have otherwise been a rest day. More importantly it's a good way to simulate hills for the 13,000+ feet of gain in my upcoming 50 miler.

I felt like I was in another world amongst the track runners doing their high knees, lunges, 50 meter sprints, and 400 meter striders. I'm in my element roaming mountain trails dodging branches, bears, and rocks for hours, or days, or months at a time.

Until a couple years ago I had never run more than 3 miles at a time in my life, then I eased into longer distance with a couple of 10k's after the Appalachian Trail hike...then a road marathon...then a trail 30k...and I still didn't feel like a runner (whatever that really means). Three 50k trail runs last year and over 1100 miles of running. Nope. I thought, "maybe after my 50 miler I'll feel like a runner".

the "lemon squeezer" approx. 1365 miles down and 810 to go on the AT

taken from a random flickr page to show part of the rock scramble

What I discovered with the help of a couple "runner" friends is that we aren't runners at all, nor do we want to be classified as such. We're more comfortable with being endurance athletes, using our own two feet as the transportation of choice. So while it would be cool to improve my 10k time, I would much rather complete a 50 miler racing against the cutoff time. Then there are the 100 milers...and multi-day races...and well, you get the point...or maybe you don't. Either way is fine. I'm just happy I found a way to get my endurance fix.


Hallmark Day

I don't need an excuse to express my love and appreciation for Nicole...but then along comes Valentines Day.

We're coming up on three years of marriage. I've got to tell you, it's been pretty awesome.

Thank you Nicole.



Congratulations are in order.

Timmy, Evan, and Kim

Evan and Kim got married this Saturday. They are an awesome couple and have a great son, Timmy (who won his basketball game earlier the same day). We were honored to be a part of their special day.

Nicole and I relax after a great meal with the newlyweds and a few new friends. Hey guys, I think you ended up with our leftovers...not that there were many, the food was awesome! What? Did someone say l-o-n-g-e-s-t photo caption ever...ever...ever

Me with the men - Evan, Zach, and Timmy

Also, kudos to Zach for being the man behind the scenes and behind the camera making things run smooth.

In running news, I hit the 200 mile mark for 2010. I don't have any mileage goals other than to get as prepared as possible for the upcoming Old Goat 50. So far so good. More to come...


Cats Like Us

My friend owns a store in Tonanwanda, NY called Cats Like Us. Check out her website at http://www.catslikeus.com This is not just for the Buffalo peeps among you, she ships anywhere.

What will you find? Awesome retro style clothing and accessories for men and women. Check it out!