Whatever Works...

Nicole and I got takeout Thai food from the place down the street tonight and watched Woody Allen's "Whatever Works". It was entertaining and humorous. Of course, if you don't like Woody Allen's work or Larry David's acting this will not win you over...but it worked for us.

I got up with the sun today to hit the trails for a wonderful looooong run. My legs are pleasantly tired now, but ready for one more big week of running before the taper. Yes...the well deserved taper.

After yesterday's rain the sky was clear and the views of the big snow covered mountains were amazing. Lastly, I signed up to volunteer at next weekends Malibu Creek 10/25/50k. It was kind of late, so I'm not sure if they'll need me or not.

Goodbye, enjoy the beginning of March.


Billy Burger said...

Great seeing ya out on the trails. Hope to see ya next weekend if you're needed!

Dave Chan said...

You too Billy. I'm in for a morning shift at the race on Sunday. See you there.

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