Malibu Creek trail run- volunteer race report

The storm clouds never came together and so the weather turned out beautiful in Malibu today for the PCTR Malibu Creek trail run.

pre-race photo at Malibu Creek State Park

There were three distances being run. The 10k, 25k, and 50k. PCTR puts on great races and if you have ever run them you already know this. Since I am beginning to taper for my run at the end of the month I took this opportunity to volunteer. For the first hour and a half or so I helped out with parking as runners arrived. From there I moved to a tent with another volunteer, Sheri, and we handed out race shirts to finishers and medals/ribbons to age group winners. Sheri is quite an accomplished runner and will be running the Western States 100 mile this year.

the tent where we handed out shirts and awards

I waited around for a bit when my volunteer shift was done to watch the first 50k runners come in. First place and smashing the course record by some 25 minutes was my friend Evan. About 15-20 minutes later one or two other runners came in under the old record looking strong. It was not soft competition.

Evan (1st 50k) and Brandon (4th 50k) after the race

In this picture Evan (representing with the Night Owl Racing singlet) had just asked Brandon what races he had coming up, to which he replied, "I'm running the Old Goat in a few weeks". Someone off to the right of the photo chimed in, "man that's a nasty course, tough race". Evan is pointing at me saying, "hey, Dave is running that one too". Uh oh.

It was great to see familiar faces such as Billy and Stuart and of course make some new friends. These pictures were with my phone, I took a couple other pictures with someones camera and will put up any that turned out in a future post. Until then, congrats to all those who participated today and thanks as always to the volunteers!


Alaskan assassin said...

It did turn out to be a nice day out there. It was good to see you as always. That picture represents how trashed I was.

Why do we do these long races?

You will do great at the OG!

Billy Burger said...

Great seeing ya out there Dave - thanks for volunteering!

Best of luck at OG, can't wait to hear all about it. Hope to see ya at future races and/or out and about on the trails again!

Trail Runner said...

Enjoy your blog...thanks for sharing!

Stuart said...

Dang totally didn't put two and two together you should have told me who you were!

Well next time, Sycamore?

Lisa said...

Thanks for volunteering. Your smiling face helped make a newbie feel welcome!

I was the one who took a picture of you and Sheri in the tent. Do you want me to send it to you? E-mail me at runnermommylisa at gmail dot com.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed my video and race report.

I hope to see you at another trail race soon. Good luck at Old Goat!

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful. I'd be volunteering there any/everytime!

Dave Chan said...

@Stuart I don't think I'll make it to Sycamore this year, but I'm sure we'll cross paths before long

@Lisa Thank you for sending the picture!

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