LA 26.2

Congratulations to all those who ran the LA Marathon today. It was a great new course this year, starting at Dodger Stadium and ending less than two miles from my house at the Santa Monica Pier. I took the opportunity to head down to the finish line and watch people finish. It was not too hot and the sky was overcast. Lots of spectators were on hand and 25,000 runners made their way along the 26.2 miles. Below are a couple of photos I took to remember the day.

Nacho Libre finished in a very respectable time

One of a couple barefoot runners that I saw. Neat.

Finish line...to the pier...to the beach party!

After watching the race for just over an hour I headed over to REI then to the library. I wanted to read the Runners World article in this months issue about Scott Jurek. I thought the article was so so, but that's just my opinion.

Tonight Nicole and I had a delicious dinner and saw Shutter Island. She had read the book, I had not. We both loved it. Very well done. Better than The Book of Eli which we saw earlier in the week. So there you have it.

6 more sleeps until the Old Goat.


Alaskan assassin said...

You should have ran the marathon as a primer for Old Goat!

Seems like a fun day though.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Can't wait to read all about Old Goat!

Billy Burger said...

Dude, sorry to have missed ya DC. It was a great day indeed.

And yeah - felt uneasy after reading about Jerker. Very revealing and a bit of a let down. Guess he kept it real at the very least.

Good luck at OG! Can't wait to hear all about it..

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