Canadians, Vegans, and Endurance Athletes Oh My...

Nicole and I are going to see Canadian musician, author, activist Matthew Good perform tonight in Hollywood. I don't think I've ever seen him put on a bad show in the dozen or so times I've seen him. Last time was in a tiny club outside of DC about two years ago.

Earlier in the week we met with another Canadian, Brendan Brazier, for a book signing and Q&A at a Whole Foods in Glendale. He is a professional endurance athlete...and vegan. Yes the two can go hand in hand quite nicely. In his book, Thrive, he shows how. Brendan also contributed to the course content for a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition available through eCornell. We chatted a bit, he answered some specific questions, we talked about farmers markets and then Nicole and I headed out for dinner with huge appetites.
It felt like vegan endurance athlete week in Southern California, because I also had the pleasure of taking in a presentation from legendary (vegan) ultrarunner Scott Jurek. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 65 people came to Mother's Market in Santa Ana to listen to him speak. It took me over two hours in horrible traffic to get there. I met people that came from even further away and one that even took the day off work to make sure they would make it. The trip was totally worth it. After the talk, about ten of us went for what was to be a 30 minute night run with Scott. We went through a park and along the streets where he continued to share knowledge and provide advice. The run turned into over an hour, but everyone survived without incident. I did however make the awful joke during the run that the next aid station was "just up around the next corner". Sorry for that.

Scott and I before the run

Last but not least...on Thursday I got up at an insane (for me) hour to join with the SoCal Coyotes running group on some Santa Monica Mountain trails before work. It was my first time running with this group. There was a good turnout of great people. No surprise there. I'll join up with them again for sure.

And well, that's that...

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Alaskan assassin said...

I do not know how people can be runners and not eat meat. I have tried it but after a few days I break down and buy a bag of beef jerky. My body just craves the protein.

You have been having some cool experiences lately. That is awesome.

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