Track closed 12/9/08-1/9/09

Booooo. I say boo. The 400 meter track up the street is closed until next month. There is some sort of construction going on and everything is fenced off. The problem is that it gets dark out so early that my options for running are somewhat limited after work. A great solution I found was the pleasant monotany of running laps at the track. It's easy to keep tabs of how far you have gone, and there are no cars to worry about. For the time being I'll be restricted to running the neighborhood streets. Not so bad...but even more so I'd rather be on the trails.

Oh, the worst part about running at that time of the evening? Being so hungry. I run by all these houses where everyone is preparing dinner. It smells SO good. Maybe one day I'll pick a house at random and just invite myself in for a bite to eat. I'm sure that will go over well.

Attention lovers of the backpacking and all things outdoors. Ray Jardine has published a new book. It is a very updated version of his classic "Beyond Backpacking", I can't wait to get my hands on this book. Beyond Backpacking was very influential and helpful in my preparation for the Appalachian Trail last year. I'll let you know how "Trail Life" stacks up. I have high hopes.

Oh, one last boo! shout goes to Time Warner cable for their inconsistant to non-existant service over the past couple of days at home AND at work.

That is all.


Scarecrow said...

Your post makes me long for my running days, but unfortunately, old knees won't allow it. However, I wish you the best in your running life. Any suggestions for a good elliptical trainer?

Dave said...

Nicole uses a Precor EFX at the gym and really likes it. I don't know what they have for home models... Do you like cycling or mountain biking? Besides down volcano's in Costa Rica that is... That's great cardio and easier on the knees.

Dave said...

Thanks to Rachel for the awesome gift of the Trail Life book!

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