Isn't this a great picture? I'm getting really pumped for the elections coming up. I'm not sure if I'm still living in a dream world, but I hope and pray that whoever is elected makes some great CHANGES (hint, hint)!


Rachel and Jared said...

Where as I think voting is very important, the last two presidential elections have not really roused my interest. Local issues, and state representatives still draw my attention, but this years presumptive nominees aren't anything to get excited about, and another four years of poor presidential leadership is in store. Neither offer any viable solutions, or show any promise beyond their washed out party lines.

Dawn said...

Maybe I'm naive but "CHANGE" gives me hope too. I guess right now with the state of our country hope is all we have.

Stefan said...

i can't wait to cast my vote for some real change!

Dave said...

I hear that Chops.

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