Up in smoke...

These are some of the 10,000 people that evacuated their Southern California homes in the midst of the most recent wildfires ripping through the mountains. There are three major fires currently burning strong.

The stats...

Homes/Mansions/Businesses Destroyed: 170
Mobile Homes Destroyed: 500
Acres Burned: 14,000
People Evacuated: 10,000
Amount Contained as of Sunday: 20%
Highest Wind Gust: 80 mph

The 500 mobile homes that burned reportedly went like a a pile of dry tinder. We are in no real danger, but it did rain ash for a couple of days and the smell of smoke was heavy in the air.

Below...multi-million dollar homes go up in smoke.

In other excitement, we watched "A Scanner Darkly" last night. Good and bizarre...which helped make it good. Tonight we went out for Thai food, most of which was delicious, all of which was eaten.

And that's the news.


Scarecrow said...

terrible, I remember taking an extended motorcycle ride in the 90's and being in an area near wildfires. So destructive, fast moving and hot. thanks for the pictures. Out here on the high plains we fear the same. Last years we had a pretty big prairie fire that threatened a nearby small town but thankfully the wind abated and changed direction. stay clear and safe

Dave said...

We are still in no immediate danger. A guy I work with had to evacuate and had the fire literally burn everything to the ground up to and including the houses across the street...his home was untouched.

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