Return of the Chans...

It's been a long time since I have contributed content to the blog world. So here is my brief re-introduction to it.

Details of my Pacific Crest Trail hike can be found over at www.iamthechan.com . I am thinking about keeping most if not all ultrarunning related posts over there and keeping this blog more closely related to adventures that Nicole and I embark upon. We'll see how that goes.

Anywho, tomorrow in Malibu the weather is supposed to be uncharacteristically nasty. It also happens to be a PCTR trail running event in which Nicole is running the 18k and I'm running the 50k. Last year this race wrecked me as I underestimated the heat and didn't keep up properly with nutrition/hydration. Should be a different story this time around.

More soon...

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Rachel and Jared said...

Woot! Good to see the site is back up and running! Good luck today we will try to call you all later.

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