Brief Trip Report: Puerto Rico 2009

Sorry for the delay with the Puerto Rico report. In brief, there was some airport excitement with the weather that the east coast was experiencing. Canceled flights, delays, etc. In the end of it all Nicole and I as well as the rest of the family arrived safely in Puerto Rico.

group shot on the back porch, complete with 4 hammocks and an ocean view

The house was literally on the beach and high tide waves occasionally hit the basement walls.

view from the rooftop looking away from the ocean

Nicole and I spent a day in Old San Juan. It reminded us of Old Town Pasadena in some ways. Of course in others...it was nothing like it.

looking between fortress walls onto an ocean-side cemetery.

great art museum that we checked out

flags in Old San Juan

Old San Juan at night

much of our food was prepared at the house courtesy of Mr. Special, a local supermarket.

One of the days a group of us went hiking in Maricoa State Forest while another group hit up the zoo and some local shopping. During the hike the rain threatened but held off. There were many different kinds of trees, birds, and plants - some of which are not found anywhere else in the world.

ranger station at the park entrance

Nicole peaks over the top of a huge stone tower on top of one of the mountains

the first leg of our trip home we were upgraded to First Class!

greeted home with a sunset over Los Angeles

I think I took around 450 photos, so this is just a glimpse. I may post a couple more here and there. I hope that you all had safe and fun holidays. Happy New Year to all.

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Rachel and Jared said...

Nice pics!! Dave those are some great shots. I am so glad that we were all able to be together. Miss you guys.

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