14 down.

It's after midnight, so officially we are on the 14th day of 2010. So far so good. Maybe someday I'll catch up and blog about all the cool things going on. Until then take in this little update...

weekend hike in the mountains above Hollywood

Yes I know you are all dying to know about the 2009 trail running goal. Yes, I reached it. Yes it was somewhat anti-climatic. I am however about 60 miles into 2010 and feeling strong.

A few nights ago we had AWESOME Thai food with awesome friends Figgy and Stitch. We will definitely be going back there to eat.

Nicole and I are looking forward to hanging out with AS who is in town this weekend and we will no doubt have some awesome adventures.

That's all for now...I have a stack of awesome library books calling my name...and should be asleep by now.



Alaskan Assassin said...

Godd job on the making the goal. I have yet to ever achieve a goal. Maybe things will chage for me this year.

Whats your new goal??

Dave Chan said...

Next goal I am working towards is the Old Goat 50 miler. I don't have a mileage goal for the year, but will update you as plans unfold...

You have a nice race schedule coming together yourself...

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