5k a Day Trail Challenge

our first trail run...less than a year ago...my 30k and Nicole's 9k

Small steps...the Trail to 1000 has officially been taken over by the 5k a Day Trail Challenge.

The goal in short...run the equivalent of a 5k a day on trails for 2009. This will add to the previous goal another 131.5 miles.

The current numbers:
863.7 miles run
287 days down
3.01 miles per day average
267.8 miles remaining
78 days remain
3.43 miles per day average needed

Next month is the one year anniversary of my first trail run. This year I'll be running the same event, but the 50k instead of the 30k. That will make 3 "races" at that, the lowliest ultra distance, so I'm planning on a 50 miler early next year. That will be pretty cool.

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