A Walk in the Park...

This past weekend Nicole and I took Benton for a hike up above Hollywood. The people watching was pretty good, but unfortunately I didn't take any photos. Well not of other people.

All said and done the loop was only about 3 miles long with one tricky downhill section. It was, however, pretty sweet to find a place to legally have Benton off leash on trails.

I posted a few weeks back about frustration related to people who take their dogs on trail...bring poop bags to clean up after them...then leave the bags on the trail. They aren't coming back to pick them up when it's there the next day and the next week. The thing is they would be much better off just leaving it or better yet get a stick and push it off trail.

Anyway, this story has an urban twist of sorts. In front of one of the mini-mansions on the way to the trail head there is a gated home with a sign asking dog owners to pick up after their pets. For whatever reason there were about 6 bags full of puppy goodness on the sidewalk right in front of the house. There has to be a story behind this one...

And that's that.


Alaskan Assassin said...

Nice looking dog. Seems like a sweetie.

What is the point of picking it up if you have no intention of throwing it away?

The poop on the sidewalk is there because of the sign. Humans are A'holes. I would leave the poop in the bag there as well....because I am human and I think it is hilarious. They should take down the sign.

I am heading to L.A. this weekend and will call you andhopefully we can hook up for a run.

Rachel and Jared said...

I am waiting for someone to just plain old drop a deuce on the sidewalk in front the house. Here in the CT people are anal about cleaning up after their doggies. Was it wear green hat day in LA?

Dave Chan said...

I knew poop would be a popular topic. Everyone does it. Yeah they should take that sign down. Oh, and what's wrong with green hats?

Evan, sounds great about getting a good run in with you. Give me a call.

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