100 plus...posts

I just realized that Nicole and I have over 100 blog posts here. Thanks for checking it out.

Yesterday was the official peak of my 50k training, and now...the taper. For those not in the know, tapering is basically easing back on training before a goal event or race. It gives your body time to heal and strengthen and is based on the premise/fact that a few weeks before an event like this your training is in the bank. If you didn't put the work in by now, all you can get from pushing it is a nice injury to take with you to the starting line.

Anywho yesterday was a wonderful 20+ miler with about 5000ft in elevation gain. The first hour or so was cool and overcast, a nice treat. It heated up considerably through the rest of the morning, but I felt strong. I crossed paths with my new friend Devy, owner of Andes Adventures. His company was rated in National Geographic Adventure magazine.

Just about 12 more days until Nicole returns from Thailand. In the meantime she has great family visiting and hanging out with her. 12 days...

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