Barefoot Friday...

Today was the barefoot running workshop led by Barefoot Ted. There were about 20 people that came out. Not surprisingly all of them had read Born to Run.

I look about 30lbs overweight in this photo, Thanksgiving dinner?!

There was a lot of great information shared and some good exercises to do to improve form. Disclaimer, I only put on the Vibram Five Fingers at the end of the workshop to ask him questions about the fit. To prove it, here is what my feet looked like when I got home.

Road tar!

Ted and Barefoot documentary guy (Mike?)

No I don't think barefoot running is crazy or extreme. Yes I plan to incorporate it more into my training. Yes I think anyone can learn something from it in terms of form and staying light on your feet.

I feel completely recovered from Sunday's 50k and have had to suppress the urge to go out into the mountains and run for hours. Tomorrow or Sunday I will get out for a couple hours and get in some solid miles.

That's all for now.


Rachel and Jared said...

Dave, it looks more like 35 pounds. You like 30 weeks pregnant. I also want to know why you don't have any of Barefoot Ted's spandex shorts? Miss you guys and look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

- Jared

Dave Chan said...

Seriously guys... What's wrong with the shorts?!

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