The Road to Vegas...

Vegas was a lot of fun. A pretty easy non-eventful 4 hours or so each way in the car. We listened to the audio book for Born to Run. I have already listened to it, but Nicole had not yet so we got several hours of listening in.

We had some great sushi after arriving and got to meet baby Audrey for the first time. All in all a great trip.

Our Vegas friends live in a great house pretty much as close to the mountains as it gets. Next time we are out there hopefully we'll have more time for some hiking.

The Hip show was good...but short. Just like when I saw them perform in Hollywood a few months ago there was no opening act. Unfortunately they only played about an hour and a half in Vegas as compared to about two and a half + hours previously. Oh well.

I got in a hot 15 mile run today in the little mountains. I'm still wired for East coast weather and seasons, so 80 degrees and sunny in November seems odd. I'm getting closer to 1000 trail miles on the year and the average per day is just over 3.09 miles.

With the 50k about three weeks away I have to start thinking about the dreaded taper. I don't know if I mentioned before, but this race will mark the one year anniversary of my first trail race (the 30k). I certainly feel comfortable running longer distances than I did then, but I don't know if I'm actually any faster!

Oh yeah, daylight savings pretty much means if I forget to take a headlamp to work with me I won't be able to run on the way home. Where did my evening sunshine go?


Dustin McAllister said...

Had a great time Brother, eventhough the concert was short(Damn you Aykroyd). Lets plan a Utah trip soon. Brother out!

Dave Chan said...

Oh yeah, I meant to add that...for those who don't know, Dan Aykroyd came out during a song and played harmonica with the Hip. That ended up being the LAST song. Naturally we blame him for ending the show.

Utah sounds great.

Honky Lips said...

I love Vegas. By the way that Born to Run CD you gave me disapeared the very next day. At SM 50k what is the chances of me getting another copy?

Also taper is for the birds. You dont run enough miles to need a taper. HA! jk

But seriously.....tapering is overrated and makes a person feel lazy and tired on race day. At most I would suggest a 2 day taper...but do what works best for you!!

Dave Chan said...

Honky Lips? I'm not asking. Yeah man, I'll burn you another copy of the CD for delivery at the SM50k.

I'll go half way on the taper advice. I'm easing up a bit on running, but not what I consider a full taper.

Looking forward to seeing you jump in the ocean if/when I pull a miracle and go under 6 hours.

I Heard They Suck Live said...

Sweet I will get my bikini ready!!

Looks like my friend Zach might make the trip out as well so you will have some comp on the course. You wouldnt want the easy win would you??

Dave Chan said...

It's going to be a Night Owl Racing extravaganza! I'll try to stay within 2 hours of Zach, but that's about all I can hope for.

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