L2H - Lowest to Highest Trail

For those familiar with the Badwater 135 ultramarathon there is now an unofficial hiking route named the L2H (Lowest to Highest Trail).

That's right! You too can hike from lowest and the highest points in the contiguous United States in 130 "easy" miles: Badwater, Death Valley (−282 ft) where temperatures easily reach 130F and Mt. Whitney's snowy summit (14,496 ft). Am I the only one getting excited about this?

I'm one week away from the 50k. Wish me luck. In the meantime Nicole and I are looking forward to company in the form of two of her brothers who will be staying with us through Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see the guys!

Lastly, I came across an opportunity to do another barefoot running workshop. I'll be participating in this the day after Thanksgiving. Details are here and you can google Barefoot Ted to learn more about the host of the event. If you have read the book Born to Run, you already know who he is.

That's all for now.

Thanks to fellow mega backpacker/ultrarunner "the Onion" for the heads up about the L2H Hike.


Alaskan Assassin said...

I hate the term "contiguous United States". Why shouldnt Alaska count?

Good luck at the 50k. Your gonna need it!! jk You will do awesome.

Dave Chan said...

Evan, you know the answer to that. Alaska has 10 peaks higher than Whitney! It's much less impressive to say the "11th tallest peak in the US" than it is to qualify it by saying "the tallest in the lower 48". So basically, if Alaska counted it would screw up the curve and we in the 48 would not feel as manly.

See you in Malibu next week. Whatever you are serving up at your aid station, I'll take two!

Ben said...

Yo dude, the L2H looks right up our alley. We'll do a C2C museum-to-summit-to-museum for training and then knock this bad boy off in about 3 days. What do you think?

Dave Chan said...

Stitch, I knew you would read this and think it is as awesome as I do. Maybe 4 days if you count logistics (possible car moves, camp on either end), and like you said 3 days of actual hiking. The M2S2M sounds like the perfect training stroll. I am guessing it would be best suited for this time of year? (Both treks)

Chris Scotch said...

Hi Dave,
Did you ever end up doing this trip? I am curious about how the logistics ended up.

matthew robison said...

I completed the first 117 miles in two and a half days.

matthew robison said...

I completed the first 117 miles in two and a half days.

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