Benton Interrupted...

At long last here are is a picture and quick video of Benton playing at Angeles National Forest from several weeks ago. First the camera was "misplaced" than we didn't have a card reader to transfer the photos. Whew, thank goodness that is over and I can sleep again at night.
Anywho. Here.

Do you think he likes the snow? The answer is yes. Our little mountain dog loves the snow.


Dawn said...

Now that's a dog that enjoys snow! Very cute!!!!

Alright said...

I dont know where there is more love: Benton loving the snow, or me loving Benton!!

Dave said...

We should get him some snowshoes, or a sled, or something! Hey Alright, the 50k is over most of the same trail as our 30k. Benton wants you to come back out and run it with me.

by Ben said...

Thanks for the comments over at bltadventure... reminded me to check up on you guys. Benton in the snow is making me smile.

I'd enjoy a hike on the crest with you guys.


Dave said...

A hiking we shall go my fellow AT hiker. We're still serious about trying to get out for ADZPCTKO '09 as well.

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