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I know you all had it on your calendar and were looking forward to it as much as I was. Today is January 9th. The day the college up the street is opening up the track after the recent construction project. This is huge because until it is light enough to run in the mountains after work, the track is my #1 spot to get in the mid-week miles.

Apparently disappointment is a dish best served...February 1st? Yes, according to the paper printout in 48 point type, my beloved track won't be ready for a bit longer...sigh.

The good news, as shown by the enormous amount of blacktop in the photo below, is that it will be a brand new track. Just get done with it already! Oh, right, and thank you.

Nicole comes back in a couple days unless the storm that is predicted for MA has something to say about it. The puppies and I hope that the flight is safe and on time.

My parting comment is that it is really bizarre to me that it's early January and every day it seems I see a handful of people driving around in convertibles with the top down. What's that about?

Ok, now back to my feature Netflix film of the night "24 Hours on Craigslist". I guess it is going to focus on a few random people who post the ads etc. It looked interesting and weird enough to make it in our queue and to the doorstep. We'll see how it pans out. I bet people sell stuff, get jobs, rent apartments, and meet "lost connections". Ooops, forgot to precede that with the SPOILER ALERT tag. Sorry. Bye.

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