Santa Monica, CA 90405

Brief Santa Monica update...

We've been having a great time in sunny CA with S&E. It's been really hot the past couple days, they'll be going back East with tans. On with the update...

Below are bikes lined up as far as the eye can see on Main Street near Ocean Park Blvd. These are people who rode down to check out the Farmers Market and to walk around Main Street. Nice. The guy in the orange vest is one of the bike valets.

Next picture below...what the heck is that? Well, it's a walking tree, but not an Ent.

See him in the middle walking across he street? He's a street performer often seen on the boardwalk in Venice, here on Main Street in Santa Monica, and occasionally on 3rd Street.

Speaking of 3rd Street. I have mentioned the band Seis Cuerdas previously. I am mentioning them again. We checked them out Saturday evening. This isn't our video, but you get the idea. They are awesome.

S&E are out for an anniversary dinner right now. Nicole and I are going to finish up watching Frida. And with that...I'm out.

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Nicole Chan said...

I heart santa monica!

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