Two Years Running...

Oops, this originally posted with only a title.

Yesterday Nicole and I celebrated two awesome years of marriage. We decided to go to an old favorite place in the LA area for dinner, Killer Shrimp. We had not been there since moving out here last year. When I called to see how late they were going to be open, there was no answer. When I double checked the phone number I discovered from several online posts that both locations had actually closed some time ago. Booo.

The good news is that it took less than 5 seconds for us to decide to get delicious sushi instead. It was in fact delicious and we had a great evening.

We show love and appreciation for one another every day. It's a great way to live. I highly recommend it.

It feels like I have not run in weeks, when in fact it has only been since Sunday. I take that as a good recovery sign. I should be good to go for a light run Saturday and Sunday. There is life in these legs.

Lastly, thanks to Evan for his comment on my last post. Check out his blog for details about last weeks 50k run, since he is the guy who set the course record.


Dawn said...

I love that picture of you guys!!!!

Evan said...

How about this?

I will inspire you to take your running further and you can inspire me by being a great example of what it is like to be in a sucessful relationship. That is 100 percent more important than some course record. I would trade you for it anyday.

Congrats on the 2 years.

Dave said...


You've got yourself a deal...on the inspiration exchange, not the trade!


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