Sunny Day Real Estate...

Sunny Day whaaa? They aren't for everyone, but they were good.

Andrew Thompson did indeed finish the Barkley Marathons this year. That makes him about the 9th person of 700 to finish this crazy race. He did it in 57:37. That's 57 hours and 37 minutes, less than 2 and a half hours from the cutoff. Insane. And yet, so cool. He was the only person to make it to loop 4 (and 5). On the final loop he faced rain, sleet, and snow. I still say it's cool. Great job Andrew.

I have a few days off work in the next couple weeks and plan to head up into Angeles National Forest for an overnight backpacking trip. Should be good...might be wet. It's supposed to rain a bit the next few days.

Next week we have a couple of friends from the East coast coming to stay with us. Everything weather wise should be cleared up by then. We're sure to share some good meals and good times!

Nicole is plowing through her final projects of the semester. It's been a ton of work and I'm proud of her for everything she is doing. No one ever said grad school was easy, but wow!

I got up into the mountains for a run after work today and plan to go again tomorrow. It's hard going so short, but I want to build up a good base and just as importantly stay injury free.

In other news, Benton got a bath today. Observe the poor quality, low resolution photo.

That is all.

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Ria Moore said...

Ooo Sunny Day Real Estate are great!

And Benton is cute!

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