"I'll be back..."

I saw the new Terminator movie last night. Action packed. To some degree you know what you are getting into when you see a movie like this. To that end, I must say it was very entertaining. The other thing of note, at least in the theatre where I saw it, is that it was LOUD! Between the gunfire, explosions, and intense soundtrack the bass shook the seats. Anywho there is not a whole lot more to say except that it was fun.

Nicole is continuing to explore her surroundings in Bangkok and soon we'll probably have a couple pictures to share. For now enjoy this Skype screen capture with me in the corner and her showing me the view out her apartment window.

Today I went for a great 2.5 hour run in Angeles National Forest. It was almost all single track and there was some killer elevation. Great workout. It was pretty hot out, but not as bad as I expected for being mid-day. I think I'll make a serious effort to get up there once a week for a solid run. The next 50k I want to run covers the trails I ran today and it would be fun to explore the rest of the course.


Alaskan Assassin said...

Good job on the run. Which 50k are you gunning for?

Also on my long run yesterday I mostly ate paydays, hershey chocolate bars with almonds, and gu. I was running slower so I mostly preferred the solid foods. As for liguids.....I just brought 1handheld and filled it up at the streams.

Dave said...

Thanks man. It's the Mt. Disappointment 50k in August. I also want to do the Santa Monica Mtns. 50k in November. I saw that on your list as well.

I love the minimalist 1 handheld...and that you are out there remote enough to not have to worry about treating stream water.


Alaskan Assassin said...

I have friends that run the Mt. Dis every year. That is suppose to be a brutal one. It is on my list for sure.

I ran the Santa Monica 50k last year but I had a strained calf and had to limp it in. I love those trails and cant wait to go back out and give it another go.

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