Up and Down and All Around...

I had the day off of work, so I treated myself to a drive up into Angeles National Forest for a nice long run on the trails. It was foggy and overcast in the "lowlands", but once I got up above sea level to some good elevation everything was clear and sunny. Thankfully even though it was hot, the sun did not destroy me. I ran another portion of the 50k course that I plan to do in a couple of months as well as some other beautiful trails. Strangely the last few miles of rocky incline back to the car (3300 to 4640 feet) were some of my favorite of the whole run.

About 12 miles into the run there was a little added excitement with a rattlesnake stretched across the trail. There was no way around as the trail was carved out of the side of the mountain. There was no turning around since I was on the return trip already. A few well placed rock tosses and a few minutes later I was back on my way. No snakes were harmed during the course of this chance meeting.

Natures sun block. Dirt and grime.

Back home now I hear live music off in the distance. It's coming from somewhere towards the ocean. Rather than go and check it out I decided to order Thai food (yes I see the irony in that) and watch Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Nicole is doing well in Thailand and this Sunday moves into her new place where she will remain for the rest of the fellowship. It looks awesome and is in a good part of the city.

That's all for now...


T. said...

love the legs! Rocky incline up? Sweet technical climbs...gotta love 'em. Well, almost as much as the technical runs down.

Glad to hear Nicole is doing well in Thailand. Must be very cool to see that part of the world, and good food! Yum. Thai.

Dave said...

I ran that one again plus about 5 miles last weekend. Hopefully this Sat. I will run the other 16 miles of the 50k course. Technical single track is where it's at, when the legs are fresh. When they are dead weight the lowly fire road looks mighty inviting!

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