Miles and miles...

Time for a status report on the Trail to 1000. I've run about 100 miles since officially taking on this goal. As predicted I am slightly behind schedule as I continue to build back my weekly mileage after last months 50k run. The good news is that I feel strong and continue to put in a few extra miles every week. Soon I should be back to what I was running pre-race, and then some. It's all about building that training base!

Speaking of training base, it's just over a year now since I ran my first road marathon. Since then I have openly fallen in love with trail running and ran a 30k trail run, and a 50k trail run. I'll stick with the 50k distance for now and plan to complete one or two more by the end of the year. The next "logical" step after that is a 50 miler. That will likely be next years goal.

So enough delay, here are the stats as of yesterday:

129 days down
236 days to go
324.4 miles run
675.6 miles to go
2.51 miles a day averaged
2.74 miles a day needed

Lastly, since this has been a running post, I know everyone is dying for a gear report about my Nine Trails shorts. Crickets... Well I'm going to talk about them anyway. The original post explaining the situation is here. The short review...about the...shorts. They are great. The stitching has changed a little bit from the last model and it is an improvement more so with quality than function. I think the liner material is a little different as well, but very comfortable. The pockets are still roomy enough that I can get my whole hand in them, though all I tend to carry is an iPod shuffle and a handheld for short runs. If the run is more than 6-8 miles, I have my hydration pack with pockets for other consumables.

Do you run? If so do you carry anything or have any favorite "gear" (be it sneakers, socks, shorts, hydration device - whatever)?


Dawn said...

I really only run if someone/something is chasing me in which case I pretty much just wear whatever I have on.
I love reading about your running/hiking adventures though!

Dave said...

Well put Dawn...hey isn't the sasquatch known to roam your area of MA? That would get me running.

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