Skype, how I love thee....

I haven't posted anything forever. Dave doesn't fail to kindly remind me of that frequently! He is just so much better at it.

Bangkok is wonderful. I have felt lost, excited, homesick, happy, sad, aware, amazed and love very intensely over the last 12 days I have been here. It is great for a person to be dropped into a world where nobody speaks their language and nothing is familiar. It makes me feel grateful for all that I have but at the same time amazed at how much life in the world I have been missing.

Skype has become a great connection to Dave and the pups. I grabbed some of our conversation this morning....makes me teary. I really miss them. I have gotten used to having a partner in crime so it's tough to not have him with me (I'm talking about Dave, not Benton).

The UN project is really exciting. They are trying to start a social networking campaign in Asia to bring awareness to young men about violence against women. So far I feel like I really can use my skills to help them move this project forward in the next couple of months. Amazing when you find that you can use your skills to help promote change!

I'll get some pictures up of my Bangkok discoveries...soon!

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