One Hundred the Easy Way...

Yeah, another running post.

My body is giving me the green light to push bigger miles on my long runs and so I am looking forward to some solid runs up in Angeles National Forest over the next month or so. The plan is to get in a solid month of June on the trails of 100+ miles. The disclaimer here is that plenty of people out there who throw down 100+ miles A WEEK. Oh, and there will be an awesome group of people this weekend competing in the San Diego 100. Yeah, that's a 100 mile run. Yes all at once. Awesome.

In early July I will be in Thailand to see my beloved, so I have scoped out some parks to run while she is at work. I would have run a "gasp" road marathon if there were one while I am there, but no dice. It's so hot there that the early start for their marathons is something like 2 a.m. to beat the heat.

When I return to the states I have one more big week of trails before the taper starts. It is common practice to "taper" or cut back your training in the time leading to a goal event or race. This gives your body time to repair itself from the beating you have been giving it so that you have maximum strength and reserves for, well, beating it up again.

Movie commentaries (mini -reviews) and why I put in a few miles a week of barefoot outdoor walking coming up in future posts.

Until then...get outside!

Oh, if you haven't heard of the Decemberists, give them a listen. I'm digging their latest The Hazards of Love.


T. said...

We must have read/saw the same articles on barefoot running. I started trying it and it is kinda fun and "free" yet also feels so wrong! So wrong it must be right? Well if it can build up my feet, improve my posture/gait, and make me a more efficient runner then so be it. You know the other wierd thing? I have been running in my chacos. I ran uphill on a really rocky terrain the other day for three miles in my chacos. I did it just to see if I could.

Dave said...

Barefoot...just another way for the crazies to be crazy right T? That's awesome about the Chacos...I have friends who hiked the AT in Keen sandals. I'm not ready to run barefoot just yet, but have been walking the dogs around the neighborhood barefoot. I'm sure that's got people wondering...

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