Sky Train: Literally the coolest way to get around Bangkok

I have found a new love, the Sky Train. I rode the Washington, DC metro for many, many, many, many years. We had a love/hate relationship. Not that it wasn't clean, and that they didn't try real hard to not break down all the time. It's just that in my experience, DC Business people are MEAN. I would always come up the escalator from the metro feeling like I wanted to punch somebody. Great way to start the day. I have been pushed, squished, yelled at and even had some inapropriate things done to me on the Metro when it was jam packed full of people that I'd rather not discuss outside the privacy of my own home.

Enter the glorious BTS Sky train, the public transportation of Bangkok. A city of 8 million people! You'd think their train would be crowded ...nope. The train comes on time, frequently, has TV's and is air conditioned perfectly! It's cheap, efficient and a comfortable ride. You can even buy a smiling pillow version of the train on the website as seen in the picture above. Seriously sweet.

Thank you Sky Train, you have restored my faith again in public transportation. You speak to me in Thai and in English, and your cheap to ride. A girl couldn't ask for more.

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