Desert Solitaire

With three days left in the month I hit my goal of 100 trail miles for June. 101.8 to be exact, and probably a few more today to top it off. I still don't feel like a runner or necessarily identify myself as such. It still seems new a year later. I wonder if that will ever change. All I know is that I love moving up and down mountains and I am going to keep doing it.

Yesterday was another training run on the Mt. Disappointment course up in the San Gabriel Mountains. It was hot hot hot at 90 degrees in the shade and who knows what in the direct sun. I feel surprisingly good today after beating myself up proper yesterday.

Trail to 1000 update
478.1 miles in 178 days for a 2.69 miles per day pace (2.74 mpd goal for 1000)

And then there are those who run 100 miles at a time...

Congrats to Hal Koerner for winning the Western States 100 mile endurance run two times in a row, and to Anita Ortiz for winning what I think was her first attempt at a 100 miler. Awesome achievement by them as well as everyone who towed the line.

Desert Solitaire

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