An Evening with The Tragically Hip...

The Tragically Hip. What can I say about this epic Canadian rock band? I can say they are very talented musicians, have 12 albums to their credit, a boatload of Juno's (Canadian Music Awards), and an extremely loyal fanbase.

Below is the song "Love is a First" off the new album "We Are the Same". It was amazing live, but I decided no video does this band justice so I only posted the studio music.

The Hip played three nights in a row to sold out audiences in West Hollywood this week. I was fortunate enough to take in one of the performances. At the risk of going on and on about the band, the show, etc. I'll do my best to keep this post brief. Give the songs a quick listen, if you like them great, if not...I guess that's okay too.

Geez, this song is 15 years old? "Nautical Disaster" off of the album "Day For Night". They didn't play it the other night, but here it is anyway. I remember when it came out and it doesn't feel like THAT long ago.

I have seen the Hip around 10 or so times, but not for a couple years now and never on the west coast. I didn't know what to expect. Well, it was amazing. I was front and center in a great crowd. I met around 5 people from my hometown of Buffalo, NY and everyone else I met was Canadian (most now living in LA). The Troubador is a tiny venue holding about 500 people, which is fine by me. A great intimate performance.

There was no opening band, which is often the case for Hip shows. Usually this is billed as "An Evening with The Tragically Hip". They played a full set, then came back out and played a couple of acoustic songs...followed by another full set and two encores. All said and done it was nearly 3 hours of sonic bliss.

Below are a couple more pictures I took with my phone.

Gord belts it out...

stage left...

stage right...

set list #1...full list of the songs from the show can be found here

That is all.

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awesome. i really wish i had been with you!

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