Jet Lag? What Jet Lag?

Brief update... Got about 5 hours sleep after arriving in Bangkok last night then headed out to Wat Pho to see one of the largest reclining Buddha's in the world among other amazing statues and such.

We followed that up with an amazing hour of Thai massage for around $10 US each. Later I checked out the sauna in the apartment building (it was around 148 degrees!) then went for a swim in the third floor outdoor pool.

Also throughout the day there was also a ride on a tuk tuk (video won't load), water taxi (boat ride), sushi lunch, salmon and sea bass dinner, crazy outdoor concerts at the shopping center, and the new Transformers movie.

Tomorrow is pretty much mapped out and plans are in the works, and it's 2:30 am, so I guess I should catch a few hours sleep before hitting it again tomorrow. Bye now.

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