Temples and Foods...

I'm loading smaller pictures because it takes so long to do with the sloooooow internet here. It took about 15 minutes for these little pictures to load. I'll post more pictures when I get back to Santa Monica.

On a side note, I could have packed even a little less and gotten away with it. It's not like the Appalachian Trail where when I find I have extra stuff I just mail it home, so I'm stuck with lugging the extra stuff back across the ocean. My Keen sandals have been clutch with the frequent afternoon rainstorms.

Some Grand Palace pictures...yes similar to Nicole's pictures from a little while back. It was after all the same place!

Delicious dinner last night. The best Thai food that I've had here so far. It's a short walk from Nicole's apartment. We have had amazing Indian and Vietnamese food as well.

And that is all for now. A few more days of Thailand coming up!

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