Beyond the Mountain

Nicole and I hit up the Santa Monica Patagonia location for this event Friday night. It was quite cool.

An Evening with Steve House and his new book Beyond the Mountain

Join celebrated alpinist and Patagonia ambassador Steve House for a slide show and readings from his new book Beyond the Mountain. In the foreward, Reinhold Messner says, "[Steve] is at the top of mountaineering. He climbs the right routes on the right mountains in a time when everyone is climbing Everest. He is also a great storyteller: he tells about doing, not about morals or lessons." Don't miss this opportunity to get a rare and personal glimpse into the drive, dedication and focus behind today's light-and-fast alpine ascents.

The rest of the weekend involved running trails and cleaning up and organizing a bit in and around the house. One of the cars got some minor service as well, which seems to have messed up the radio...hmmm...strange.

I might be up to something a little out of the ordinary this Thursday. I'll let you know if it comes to pass. I think it's pretty cool. That should be enough mystery to keep you guessing.


Night Owl Racing said...

Sounds like a fun evening. I am still in L.A. till tomorrow and I wish I could have made that.

Alaska Assassin

Dave Chan said...

You would have liked it. Nicole and I talked to him briefly after the event. Nice guy and incredible climber.

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