Five Fingers for the Feet...

Last night Nicole and I checked out Chandni, a vegetarian Indian restaurant in Santa Monica. It was delicious and the service was outstanding as well as friendly. We will be going back for sure...perhaps for the all you can eat lunch buffet!

Nicole cuts into a stuffed eggplant dish

This morning I rolled out of bed a little after 5am to drive down to Huntington Beach. Why? To participate in a Barefoot Running Workshop put on by one of the best known barefoot runners around, Barefoot Ken Bob. This was a great experience and chance to talk about not only running form but also strengthening feet. Sound crazy? Maybe. More importantly, maybe not.

I mentioned a while back that I started going barefoot while walking the dogs. Since then I also read the wildly popular running-centric book Born to Run. This book is centered around barefoot/minimalist runners in remote canyons of Mexico and was fantastic fun. I admit this book also has something to do with the increasing distance of my weekend post run-run (barefoot on grassy fields).

After the workshop I gave BKB and his dog Herman a ride back to their house a few miles away. They had already run to the park together, and then ran a few miles with everyone at the workshop. Did I mention he puts on these workshops for free? If you live in the area, check out his website for upcoming dates. If you can't make it, his website is a mountain of knowledge based on experience.

my feet after the workshop

So what now? Increasing the amount of barefoot training and I'm going to pick up a pair of Vibram Five Fingers for when barefoot is not an option.

Tonight we are hosting a party with peeps from Nicole's school. Good times, good people, good food. Good bye.


Alright said...

Barefoot running?! You are a visionary

Phollower said...

Barefoot running?! You are a nutjob

Phollower said...

Let me know what you think about the 5 fingers. I've seen them before but figured they'd never be breathable enough for my sweaty, sweaty feet.

Dave Chan said...

I am curious about how breathable they will be as well. I'll do a post on them after I get them and put some miles on.

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