Slow and Steady...

Slow and steady doesn't break records, but it logs the miles.

Today (September 17th) is my birthday. A couple days ago I decided it would be brilliant to run a mile of trail for every year I've been hanging around planet earth. The more I thought about it, the better it sounded. And so, a single person event was born - the 34yr/34mi SaMo Solo. If you have a better name for it I'm listening.

85 degrees in the shade, not a cloud in the sky
8500 feet of elevation gain
34 miles of primarily single track with some fire road

Ironically, all said and done, I spent 9hrs 17min (9/17 of course being today's date) running around the Santa Monica Mountains. This also includes the necessary jaunt back to the car a couple times to resupply nutrition, as well as down to park buildings to get water a few times.

The first 15 miles were toasty. It didn't help that I ran through the hottest part of the day. Not a lot of relief at all from the sun. I kept the pace slow all day in the hopes that I would feel good this weekend to go for a couple runs. Also, I didn't want to blow up and not be able to finish. I was in the dark for the last few miles, but the cool air felt really good. I had brought my headlamp for just such an occasion, but decided to leave it in the car.

No cramps, no real soreness to speak of, just tired legs. Tomorrow might be a different story, but I'm optimistic.

photo below was taken as soon as I got back to the car

this picture does not do justice to the trail dirt and tan line that I acquired today

Anywho, that was my treat to myself for the big day. I really wish I could sleep in tomorrow...


Alaskan Assassin said...

Nice! Since you started the tradition....you better keep it going.

Dave Chan said...

I'll do my best to keep it up Evan. I have an upcoming race to tell you about that should prove to be a great challenge (not till the beginning of next year).

Alaskan Assassin said...

I am thinking of running the Santa Monica 50k again this Nov. You better show up for that that one as well.

Dave Chan said...

Yeah man, I'm there for the SM50k. Nicole is running the 9 or 18. Is your K running it?

Alaskan Assassin said...

Nope. We do not race the same races because of babysitting conflicts. We just crew for the other person at the races. She is planning on running the Malibu marathon the week before.

Dave Chan said...

Makes sense...Give me a call in a few weeks when you are in town and we'll hit some trails again.

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