Eat Fresh...

Welcome to Subway. Eat Fresh. I hear those words all to often these days. To be more specific, these weekends. It's become a routine to hit Subway on the way home from training runs. As rumor has it, I may have something of an appetite. I admit it, I like food. Come on now, two foot long subs with the fixings for $10. That IS a deal.

Follow that up with a shower and a nap and I'm ready to eat again. It's like the hunger from hiking the AT...but only a couple times a week instead of constantly for months...and you can actually do something about it...and shower, and wear clean clothes, sleep in a bed not made of rocks roots and spiders, ready access to clean water, and the list of "luxuries" goes on and on... I'm getting soft.

According to his blog, Stitch is working on getting up at 6:30 am every day and using a neat tool to assist. I've been on somewhat of a similar "wake up" experiment for nearly 30 days now - at which point it officially becomes a habit.

I am shooting for 7:00 am starts. That gives me enough time to shower, eat breakfast, quick email check, and get out of the house and to work without feeling too rushed. The big deal is the weekends. This was brought about partly because my weekend training runs got to be around 4 hours long...plus stretching, driving to the trail, subway, etc. That's a big time commitment. An early start helps salvage the rest of the day. Yes, I do treat myself to an hour or so nap. I rationalize this with the fact that it actually helps the body with it's recovery process. That and I am tired! The nap also helps me to get up at 7:00 again the next day and run a couple more hours.

The other reason for the consistent rising time is that the body can be more efficient when you establish sleep patterns. I have NEVER ever been a morning person. I don't claim to be one now either, but I do find myself waking up every morning around 6:30, without an alarm and not always due to the dogs. Throw in a couple variables just to keep it interesting...a few weeks ago Nicole and I got a new bed and we are both sleeping deeper and better...and don't forget daylight savings just occurred. I don't think I have ever looked forward to longer evenings the way I did this year.

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Nicole Chan said...

I'd like to say that although I can appreciate the idea of getting into the habit of the 7 AM rise, I will always love sleeping in on the weekends. Not going to get up at 7 AM until it's because of a child :) Sorry Dave!

T. said...

I can agree with you on the food issue. I am ALWAYS hungry and the worst are on my stretch of long runs. I feel like I stuff my face and in an hour I am having hunger pangs again. Our monthly food bill is pretty outrageous:)Nobody would believe a small framed girl could eat so much

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