Lost and Found...

I spent a few hours in the mountains on Saturday with helicopters buzzing overhead.

What's that all about you may ask. Well, I will tell you. Even if you didn't ask. Of course for me to tell you it will require your reading the rest of this blog post. Read on at your own risk.

When I finished my run I walked by a search and rescue team. After a couple of questions I found that three hikers had gone for a out the previous day and not returned. Don't worry. There is a happy ending. When Nicole and I went for our run the next day, a ranger told me that the hikers had been found. I wish there were more interesting details...but that's all I've got. That and the fact that since I started my run before the police tape was up - upon my exit I had to duck under the tape to leave.

Like a good scout, always be prepared, even if you are only out for a day hike.

Only a couple more weeks until the big run for Nicole and I. Ah, that means the training runs are tapering and fewer miles are required until the event. Nice.

In other news, both of our cars need service at the same time. Come on now. I guess I could skateboard everywhere. I don't think a day has gone by since moving to CA that I didn't see at least one skateboarder. Nay, we'll just fix the cars.

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