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Thank you Inov8.

If you have been following this blog you may have gotten tired of my praise for the trail running shoe company inov8. Well, here it goes again.

Recently I entered a contest held by the company to submit a photo for a gross feet contest. No, this is not to say that my feet are mangled and disfigured...though I do have some killer heel spurs. I submitted a photo from a couple years back taken after a particularly wet and brutal trail experience. It was ironically just before purchasing my first pair of Roclite 315s. Anywho, the photo earned second place and a shiny new pair of Roclite 315s. These are the shoes I wore for the Appalachian Trail hike and what I will be wearing this Sunday for the 50k.

Okay enough about that. Thank you JC (no not that one).

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