Ups and Downs...

On the Appalachian Trail (yes another AT story), there is a name for the ups and downs in elevation that don't really seem to get you anywhere. They are known as PUDs - or - pointless ups and downs.

Tomorrow Nicole and I take on what could be referred to several hours of PUDs. Judge for yourself. Below is the elevation profile for the 50k.

Click on the picture if you want to see it closer. It's pretty neat that the run basically starts and ends at sea level.

The weather looks great for Sunday. Same as today. Low 70's and a little bit of cloud coverage. I'll post a run report as I am able. Tomorrow will consist of running, eating, and crashing.

I also plan to keep up with the tradition that Alright and I started in November. A dip in the ocean after the run. The water will no doubt be a bit warmer this time.

Okay, bye.

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