Grandpa's Stories # ? - A Tale of Two Lunches

some people pop them to scare away hiccups
some people conceal booze in them
some people put groceries in them
some people carry thoughts in them, and when the time is right, BAM right? Just like that.

Once upon a midnight moon there lived a little thing with whiskers I suppose it was a mouse though I never asked it if it was a mouse "are you a mouse?" I could ask, but if it were a mouse it could not really reply with people words, right? I mean get real, people words are for people and trix are for kids. So there is a midnight moon and a maybe mouse and I know this because I am privy to information that most people are not. This is because I work at the phone company and I listen to your calls. And yours. But this mouse, lousy little mouse. It ate my lunch. I decided not to be friends with the mouse after it at my lunch, because I was hungry enough to eat both of my lunches that day. What with the economic crisis and all I can't afford to go to the local chain restaurant for jalapeno poppers and coffee with the rest of my shift, so I brown bag my lunch. Now I know the brown paper bag is on its way out fashionably speaking because you know what with the fancy reusable eco-friendly pretty things in the stores and on the interweb pages. So back to my hunger, it was not only for food, but power as well. I am a social climber. I have high hopes. Big dreams. I am going to own one of those chain restaurants one day and eat all the breakfast burritos and jalapeno poppers I want. All. Night. Long. All night. The waitress, she'll come over and she'll say "what will it be sir?" and I'll reply "the usual". Moments later...a double order of poppers...clutched in my greedy little hands...leaking oil through the bottom of a brown paper bag. I'll even share with the mouse. That mouse was after all my motivation, my fuel, my precious. You thought I was going to hurt the mouse didn't you? Yeah, well it's not that kind of story. Okay, get back to work or you're fired. Yes. You.

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