The first rule of fight club...

Ed Norton has been in a lot of movies. A lot of good movies. I always go back to Fight Club when I think of him. It's hard to believe that was in 1999. Anywho, today Nicole and I checked out The Incredible Hulk followed by delicious Thai dinner and Coldstone ice cream with our friends Chris and Melissa.

We both really enjoyed the movie. The directions to the theater were another story. Mapquest and Google Maps (I had two sets of directions just in case) each took us different ways but ended in the middle of a subdivision and said "okay, here is your movie theatre". Really? So do we knock on the door of the closest house, invite ourselves in and ask what the 3:45 movie is today? Booo maps. Booo. We did however make it to the real theater in time to catch the last of the previews and the entire feature film. In conclusion. It was a good day.

Who is your favorite actor/actress?


Rachel and Jared said...

One of my favorites is Denzel Washington, he always can act like a righteous bad man.

Dave said...

Denzel is a bad man...in a good way!

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