Going the distance...

Ever since I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail last year I have needed a new physical and mental challenge. I have never been a distance runner, so I decided a marathon would be a great mark to reach for. Joining me for the run last month were the other two members of the "Hey Man Crew", Chopsticks (right side in photo) and Alright (center). We had a blast getting together and reminiscing about trail experiences as well as celebrating Nicole's birthday.

The marathon itself was also a success, with all three of us finishing. Chopsticks is already talking about running again in the fall and was very close to qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I am hooked as well. There is something about 3+ hour training runs that is crazy and satisfying at the same time. I would like to run a couple more marathons at the standard distance of 26.2 miles and from there set my sights on ultramarathons. Triathlons are another possibility, but for now I'm thinking about ultras.

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