Walk, run, eat...

Andrew Skurka
. Put him on the list. The list of people whose accomplishments you look at and say "why would anyone ever do that?" or you say, "wow, that is so amazing it's beyond inspiration". I am the latter of the two. Nicole and I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew a few months back when he held a presentation for National Geographic in DC. It is partly his fault that I am so interested in a doing a 50K trail run in the mountains this fall. We'll see how the training goes...I may have to trim down to the 30K if I don't feel prepared.

Anywho, my wonderful wife and I enjoyed a BBQ/birthday party at a neighbors house tonight. Lots of food and stories as well as gossip floating around everywhere. Ah good times. Looks like mixed T-storms tonight (Chopsticks calls them T-storms). Seems like that has been the weather all month. What's with this part of the country?

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Dave said...

Awesome. I just checked in on a blog by friend and fellow Appalachian Trail thru-hiker Sagbutt. Check it out here... www.fastpack.blogspot.com

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