Lightning crashes...

For about the two zillionth time over the past year of living in this house the power went out. Yesterday evening an intense storm went through the area complete with sideways downpour and a huge light show. A few hours later the power had not come back on, but the sky cleared up and the rest of the evening was clear and cool outside.

On our way to meet a friend and get the dogs out once it had cleared up, Nicole and I decided to stop at the library. No dice. They were also without power and therefore closed.

Today is a new day, complete with cloudy skies and downed branches...oh and power is back. We are supposed to get another big storm tomorrow, so we'll see what that brings!

Joshy and I went through a solid week with no electricity a few winters back when a crazy ice storm hit in Buffalo. What's the longest you have been "involuntarily" without power?


Dawn said...

When I was a teeenager we were without power for three days because of an ice storm. It was actually kind of cozy. My Dad lived a rugged childhood so he was in his element. The only thing I missed was showering. That can get kind of dicey after a few days. At least we were all smelly I guess.

Dave said...

Three days can be a really long time as a kid! I was glad that week that we were without power that there were no children to take care of, especially young ones...a dangerous challenge.

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