Guys may not know of this game, but I know the girls might (I know we played this in YW)! I do have a feeling I made my poor little brother Jared play it though. This was a favorite of mine in elementary school, and when I got really desperate in my 20's! Just kidding.

Check out my results after playing the online version, not too shabby! I entered Dave as all of my crushes, cause lets face it, I scored big time marrying that guy and I'm not about to change it. So it appears it's going to be Dave and I in an apartment in Amherst, MA. I'm a professor and we have 2 kids and are zooming around in a red Prius. PERFECT, I knew I loved this game. Play yourself, and tell me your results.


Rachel and Jared said...

I will marry Rachel, we will live in Oregon, in a shack, with our only child (Jackson) we will cruise around in a green VW bug, and I will conquer the work as I work as a carpet cleaner.

Nicole Chan said...

I don't like your MASH Jared. I need more nephews and nieces :) The rest of it sounds kind of cool though, if you had to live in a shack, Oregon would be nice. I'll miss you because I will live in Amherst. I can drive to see you in my Prius though!

Dawn said...

That is so fun! My results were interesting http://www.espin.com/mash-game-results.php?p1=Shack&p2=Pea%20Green&p3=Jeep%20Wrangler&p4=Paul&p5=7&p6=Doula&p7=Utah&p8=false

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